dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

You echo

Some info on You Echo, one of the artists performing on Friday !7th of september at Intrubate.
Another local hero from Tilburg, an artist we’re really glad to have on our little festival. And why are we so happy to have him? Well, simply because what he does is goood. You echo is one of those artists that doesn’t only know how to work the machines and push the buttons, he knows how to make interesting music with it. His myspace is loaded with interesting music and videos, showing his solo work and some of the many collaborations he’s done. Also, check out his website.

From his Myspace:

You Echo = Frans van Gastel
You Echo = 1/2 YouEcho vs. Clemm
You Echo = 1/2 YouEcho vs. Zhuoling
You Echo = 1/2 YouEcho vs. Rigter
You Echo = part of Cabin Music
You Echo = drummer of Clemm
You Echo = all about experiment.

You Echo = "Specialised in making electronica sound as organic as fresh tomatoes. If you like experimental electro-acoustic music, you...you...you...you really need to check this out!”


this is from 'The Fisherman & The Watering Can' series, part 1:

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